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LBA-ECO CD-08 Carbon Isotopes in Belowground Carbon Pools, Amazonas and Para, Brazil

This data set contains carbon isotope signatures from soil organic matter collected from the following sites: the forests of the ZF-2 INPA reserve approximately 80 km north of the city of Manaus, Amazon; the Tapajos National Forest approximately 83 km south of the city of Santarem, Para; and the Fazenda Vitoria, a ranch near the city of Paragominas, Para. Samples from the Fazenda Vitoria were from degraded and managed pasture sites as well as mature and secondary forests. In addition,carbon isotope signatures from roots sorted by size class, hand-picked from soil pits in the Flona Tapajos and Fazenda Vitoria, are included, as are carbon isotope signatures from soil gases from samples collected at the Fazenda Vitoria. There are 4 ASCII data files with this data set.

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