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LBA-ECO LC-04 Macrohydrological Routing Data for the Amazon and Tocantins River Basin

This data set provides continental-scale hydrological river flow routing parameter data for the Amazon and Tocantins River basins at 5 minute (~9 km) resolution (Costa et al., 2002). The data set includes four geospatial data files (in standard ESRI Arc/Info ASCII Grid format): (1) the river network (flow direction); (2) sinuosity of each of the main rivers, measured at 111 river sections in the basins; (3) depth to the water table; and (4) transmissivity of the aquifer. The latter two parameters were derived from measurements taken at 81 wells located throughout the basins. There is also a compressed file (*.zip) which contains the time series of monthly mean river discharge and long-term climatology (monthly mean) for the period of record at each of 122 fluviometric stations located throughout the basin. These files are provided in ASCII common-separated (.csv) format. Also included in this data set are two data files in *.csv format; one containing river discharge station location and drainage area information and one containing original well data.

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