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ISLSCP II Global Gridded Soil Characteristics

This data set provides gridded data for selected soil parameters derived from data and methods developed by the Global Soil Data Task, an international collaborative project with the objective of making accurate and appropriate data relating to soil properties accessible to the global change research community. The task was coordinated by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP-DIS). The data in this data set were produced by the International Satellite Land-Surface Climatology Project, Initiative II (ISLSCP II) staff from data obtained from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center (ORNL DAAC, See the related data sets section below. Two-dimensional gridded maps of selected soil parameters, including soil texture, at a 1.0 by 1.0 degree spatial resolution and for two soil depths are provided. All data layers have been adjusted to match the ISLSCP II land/water mask. There are 36 data files with this data set.

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