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LBA-ECO ND-11 Organic Carbon Watershed Exports, Mato Grosso, Brazil: 2003-2004

This data set contains stream water exports of coarse particulate organic matter (CPOM) and coarse particulate organic carbon (CPOC) during 2003-2004 from four forested headwater streams near Juruena, Mato Grosso, Brazil (Selva et al. (2007) and Johnson et al. (2006) . Data are reported in a single comma-separated ASCII file as watershed exports in mass units, carbon content, and watershed exports per watershed area over the reported sampling intervals.Resolving the carbon balance in the Amazonian forest depends on an improved quantification of production and losses of particulate C from forested landscapes via stream export. The export of coarse organic particulate matter (>2 mm) was quantified for one year in four small watersheds (1-2 ha) under native forest in southern Amazonia near Juruena, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Stream-water exports of particulate C were positively correlated with stream flow, increasing in the rainiest months. The export of particulate C in stream flow was found to be a small (less than 1%) percentage of the amount of litterfall produced.

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