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LBA-ECO LC-04 IBIS Model Simulations for the Amazon and Tocantins Basins: 1921-1998

The provided data were generated by the Integrated BIosphere Simulator (IBIS) terrestrial ecosystem model using data from the East Anglia Climate Research Unit climate record for the years 1921-1998. Data are included for the annual net ecosystem exchange of the surface, microbial respiration, root respiration, total soil respiration, soil moisture, leaf area index, drainage, and surface and subsurface runoff, for the entire Amazon and Tocantins basins. The data files are provided in netCDF format and standard ESRI ARCGIS ARC/INFO ASCIIGRID format. The netCDF files consist of either annual or monthly means from 1921 to 1998. The ASCII files are available only for the annual mean files.

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