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ISLSCP II IGBP NPP Output from Terrestrial Biogeochemistry Models

This data set contains modeled annual net primary production (NPP) for the land biosphere from seventeen different global models. Annual NPP is defined as the net difference of annual carbon uptake (grams CO2/m2/yr) from the atmosphere through photosynthesis by the land vegetation and that lost back to the atmosphere through autotrophic and maintenance respiration. NPP is also related to the Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) of carbon accumulated by or lost from the surface by its vegetation and soils. NPP is NEE plus heterotrophic (decomposition) respiration of the vegetation and soils. Only NPP values are included in this data set as some models did not estimate NEE. Data for the mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation of NPP for the 17 models are provided at spatial resolutions of 1.0 degree and 0.5 degrees. There are two compressed (*.zip) data files with this data set.

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