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SAFARI 2000 Landscape Photographs of Kalahari Transect, Mongu, Skukuza Sites

This data set contains Global Positioning System (GPS) imprinted landscape photographs at 100-m intervals along the Large Grid Transects at Kalahari Transect sites in Botswana and at measurement sites in Kataba Forest, Mongu, Zambia, and in the vicinity of the Skukuza flux tower site in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The Kalahari sites visited were Pandamatenga, Maun, Okwa Valley, and Tshane. There are about 30 pictures per site. In a related study, vegetation cover and composition were measured at various locations along the Kalahari Transect and trends in major vegetative cover, including species types and richness, were recorded (Ringrose and Matheson, 2004). The photographs are intended to aid in the interpretation of other data sets, and can be used to suggest canopy height, gap fraction, grass, soil, and sky conditions. The photographs are provided as JPEG images.

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