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SAFARI 2000 JRB Aerocommander Trace Gas and Aerosol Data, Dry Season 2000

As part of the 3rd Intensive Campaign of SAFARI 2000, the South African Weather Bureau Aerocommander, JRB, flew 19 missions, for a total of 28 separate flights conducted between August 15th and September 7th, 2000. JRB worked closely with the other Aerocommander, JRA, and was dedicated to the measurement of trace gas and aerosol properties. A suite of trace analyzers (for O3, SO2, CO and NO), laser aerosol probes and atmospheric probes were present for all flights. Other instruments and sampling units present for some of the flights included, a nephelometer (Elias), CO flasks (Novelli) for MOPITT validation purposes, and VOC canisters for the collection and characterization of volatile organic compounds present over various land surface types.

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