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SAFARI 2000 AOT and Column Water Vapor, Kalahari Transect, Wet Season 2000

The data presented here include the aerosol optical thickness (AOT) and column water vapor measurements taken at sites along the Kalahari Transect using a Microtops sunphotometer. Data were collected every 30 minutes at 4 sites that were visited during the SAFARI 2000 Kalahari Wet Season Campaign between March 3, 2000, and March 18, 2000. AOT values are provided at 340-, 440-, 675-, 870-, and 936-nm wavelengths. An estimate of the Angstrom Coefficient is also provided to allow the estimation of AOT at other wavelengths. The purpose of this data collection was primarily for documentation of the conditions at each site and to aid in the correction of remote sensing data, for validation of Earth Observation System (EOS) products such as MODIS and MISR aerosol products, and for modeling of canopy productivity.

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