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LBA-ECO CD-01 Meteorological Data, Tapajos and Amazon Rivers, Santarem, Brazil: 2001

This data set contains meteorological data collected around the confluence of the Tapajos River with the Amazon River in the Amazon Basin near Santarem, Brazil, in July and August 2001. Boundary layer and upper air measurements were collected with an acoustic sounder-sodar instrument, pilot balloons with optical theodolites, and radiosondes. Radiosondes also measured pressure, temperature, and relative humidity in addition to wind speed and direction. Measurements were made from five local stations at varying frequencies. There are 41 comma-delimited data files with this data set. Supporting information provided with the data set as companion files include: Weather forecasts: Weather forecasts were used to determine the presence of favorable conditions for the balloon flights during the CIRSAN experiment, as well as to help decide the radiosonde launch frequency. The daily observed and forecast weather descriptions for the study period (Weather_forecasts_Santarem.txt) are included. Satellite images: All the satellite images during the CIRSAN period are provided. This is a compilation of images from various instruments and satellite platforms. (See readme_sat.txt). There are 42 images in .gif format. CPTEC Analysis files: The CIRSAN measurement data were used in the CPTEC Global Analysis modeling activity. Model output results for the Pacific and South American region are provided in GRIB format. (See readme_GPSA.txt)

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