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LBA-ECO CD-10 Ground-based Biometry Data at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest

This data sets contains a single text file which reports biometry measurements of the old-growth upland forest at the Para, Western (Santarem)km 67, Primary Forest Tower Site. This site is in the Tapajos National Forest located in north central Brazil. Measurements extend from July 1999 through March 2005.To monitor tree woody increment, metal dendrometer bands (Figure 1) were placed on a sub-sample of 1000 trees in December 1999. The data set contains estimates of tree diameter at breast height (cm) based on caliper measurements made approximately every six weeks. The first column of data refers to the tree identification number. For a more detailed description of the biometry study refer to Rice et al. 2004.The data file contains a time series of DBH (cm) values from July 1999 through March 2005.

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