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LBA-ECO LC-10 Orthorectified Landsat ETM+ Data for Legal Amazon: 1999-2001

This data set includes orthorectified Landsat ETM+ scenes across the Legal Amazon region. At least one scene is provided for each spatial tile, representing the most cloud-free retrievals from mid-1999 through late 2001 (Fig. 1). Dates are therefore not continuous but include scenes from July 8, 1999 to November 13, 2001. Data have been atmospherically corrected and orthorectified. The individual images should be highly useful as they include very little cloud cover, but they should not be mosaicked together since retrieval dates vary.Data files (and format) included for each scene are: six multispectral bands (tif), two thermal bands (tif), one panchromatic band (tif), two preview files (jpg), and one metadata file (txt). The individual Geotiff files have been g-zipped and subsequently all of the files for a scene have been g-zipped together for ordering convenience.

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