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SAFARI 2000 Leaf Measurements of Dominant Trees, Kalahari Sites, Wet Season 2000

Data presented in this data set were collected during an intensive field campaign in Botswana between February 28 and March 18, 2000 along the Kalahari Transect as part of the SAFARI 2000 wet season field campaign. The sites visited were Pandamatenga, Maun, Okwa River Crossing, and Tshane (north to south). Individual leaf blade measurements were made on replicate samples from selected dominant and subdominant tree species using an optical lens and graticule. Leaves used in the study had recently-matured new growth and were fully exposed to the sun for a significant part of the day. The data set comprises individual leaf blade dimensions along the length and width of each leaf by tree species as well as the mean of the replicate leaf length and width samples. The data are in comma-delimited ASCII format (kt_leaf_dimensions.csv).

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