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LBA-ECO TG-07 Ground-based Biometry Data at km 83 Site, Tapajos National Forest: 1997

A field inventory of trees was conducted in March of 1997 in a logging concession at the Tapajos National Forest, south of Santarem, Para, Brazil. The inventory was conducted by the foresters and technicians of the Tropical Forest Foundation (FFT) and included all trees with diameter at breast height greater than or equal to 35 cm. Four blocks of approximately 100 ha each within the 3,200 ha concession were inventoried. Within each block, parallel trails 50 m apart were established, and the location of each tree measured was recorded to the nearest meter using an orthogonal coordinate system based on these trails. Field data for each tree includes: identification number, ground position, diameter, common name, scientific name and qualitative estimates of bole and canopy quality. Data are provided in one ASCII comma separated file. These data were used to calculate above-ground live biomass as described in Keller et al. (2001), but biomass data are not included in this data set.

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