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LBA-ECO TG-07 Forest Structure Measurements for GLAS Validation: Santarem 2004

This data set provides the results of a GLAS (the Geoscience Laser Altimeter System) forest structure validation survey conducted in Santarem and Sao Jorge, Para during November 2004 (Lefsky et al., 2005). DBH, total height, commercial height, canopy width and canopy class description were measured for 11 primary forest sites in Santarem along two 75m transects per GLAS measurement. For 10 secondary forest sites in Sao Jorge, the number of stems 0-2cm, 2-5cm, 5-10cm, and greater than 10cm were measured. For all stems greater than 10cm the DBH was measured, and for all sites, the maximum height was recorded. The basal area was calculated for all trees with DBH greater than 10cm within our transects, and biomass was calculated using the Brown, 1997 formula.Exchange of carbon between forests and the atmosphere is a vital component of the global carbon cycle. Satellite laser altimetry has a unique capability for estimating forest canopy height, which has a direct and increasingly well understood relationship to aboveground carbon storage.

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