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LBA-ECO TG-07 Soil CO2 Flux by Automated Chamber, Para, Brazil: 2001-2003

Measurements of the soil-atmosphere flux of CO2 were made at the km 67 flux tower site in the Tapajos National Forest, Santarem, Para, Brazil. Eight chambers were set up to measure trace gas exchange between the soil and atmosphere about 5 times a day (during daylight and night) at this undisturbed forest site from April 2001 to April 2003. CO2 soil efflux data are reported in one ASCII comma separated file.The automated chamber system consisted of 8 automatically opening and closing aluminum chambers with an infrared gas analyzer. The chambers were installed in a 0.5 ha area close to the flux tower on patches of ground without apparent photosynthetic vegetation. Each chamber was sequentially closed, sampled, and re-opened 5 times per day (closed 7% of the day). The maximum daily average flux was 4.3 and the minimum was 1.3 umol CO2 m-2 s-1.

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