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LBA-ECO ND-07 Hydrochemistry of Natural and Developed Land Cover, Brasilia, Brazil

This data set reports on dissolved nutrient concentrations, as well as dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, conductivity, turbidity, and pH measured in water samples collected from nine streams located in the state of Brasilia, Brazil, between September, 2004 and December, 2006. Streams were located in different land cover types including natural (forest), rural (agricultural), and developed landscapes. In addition, water samples from wells, lysimeters, surface runoff, and precipitation were collected from four sites, 2 natural and 2 rural, and analyzed for nutrient concentrations. Streams were sampled every 2-4 weeks; rain water was collected approximately monthly during the wet season and once during a dry season; wells and lysimeters were sampled monthly; and surface runoff collections were event based. There are three comma-delimited data files with this data set.

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