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LBA-ECO CD-04 LAI Estimated from Photos, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest

This data set contains summary data for monthly leaf area index (LAI) and plant area index (PAI) at the km 83 Tower Site, in the Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil. LAI was estimated for hemispherical photographs of leaves collected between 2000 and 2003, using the histogram and gap-fraction analysis methods.There are two data files with this data set: one comma-delimited ASCII data file with this data set which contains the monthly summary LAI and PAI data, and one compressed (*.zip) file that contains hemispherical photo images (.bmp) for 2000-2001. The images include those taken pre-logging and post-logging at the measurement site for the purpose of comparing LAI. In addition, there is a companion file containing a program code developed for LAI analysis provided as an ASCII text file.

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