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LBA-ECO CD-11 Biophysical Measurements of Logged and Fire-Treated Forests, Brazil

This data set reports the results of vegetation field surveys that measured tree height and diameter at breast height (DBH) in defined size classes at three study sites -- Santarem, Para; Paragominas, Para; and Alo Brasil, Mato Grosso, Brazil, from 2001-2003.At each site, plots and transects within plots, were defined that represented different types of logging and fire treatments, each including one primary forest plot used as a control. Along each transect all trees with more than 30 cm DBH were measured. Dead standing trees were also measured and classified in three classes of decomposition. A 4 m wide transect was used to measure individuals between 10 and 30 cm DBH. Six small subplots were set along each transect to measure regeneration individuals from 2-10 cm DBH and 0-2 cm DBH. DBH is also provided for stumps found in each of the logged forest plots. There are ten comma-delimited data files with this data set.

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