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LBA-ECO ND-04 Termite Mound and Soil Characterization, Amazonas, Brazil: 1999-2001

This data set reports the results of a comprehensive study of mound building termites at the Embrapa research station in the Distrito Agropecuario da SUFRAMA, located at km 53 of the federal highway BR 174 outside Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. Study areas included a primary forest site, an adjacent 7-8 year old secondary forest site, and two abandoned pasture sites which were being used for agroforest purposes.Reported are (1) the termite species occurrence and areal abundance of mounds, (2) characterization of the mound soil microbiological community, root biomass, seedling emergence success, soil respiration, nitrogen mineralization, and (3) the characterization of the termite mound soil physical, chemical, and hydraulic properties. Analyses were also performed on samples from adjacent control soils for comparison. This data set contains 15 comma-delimited data files.

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