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LBA-ECO LC-13 GIS Coverages of Logged Areas, Cauaxi, Para, Brazil: 1996, 1998

This data set contains GIS coverage constructed from measurements taken of four logged areas in Cauaxi, Para, Brazil. Logged areas were selectively harvested either using conventional logging techniques or using reduced-impact logging (RIL) techniques (Pereira et al., 2002). Two areas were harvested with each technique in 1996 and two additional areas were harvested in 1998. Coverage includes log decks (patios), roads, skids trails, tree-fall locations, and logging area (block) boundary. These field surveys were conducted as part of an investigation of canopy damage following selective logging by two different techniques (Asner et al., 2004).Coverage is in ArcInfo interchange format (*.e00). The geographic projection of the data is UTM zone 22, South WGS84 datum.

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