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GHRSST NOAA/STAR Himawari-08 AHI L3C Pacific Ocean Region SST v2.70 dataset in GDS2

The ACSPO H08/AHI L3C (Level 3 Collated) product is a gridded version of the ACSPO H08/AHI L2P product available at The L3C output files are 1hr granules in NetCDF4 format, compliant with the GHRSST Data Specification version 2 (GDS2). There are 24 granules available per 24hr interval, with a total data volume of 0.2GB/day. Valid SSTs are found over clear-sky oceans, sea, lakes or rivers, with fill values reported elsewhere. The following layers are reported: SST, ACSPO clear-sky mask (ACSM; provided in each grid as part of l2p_flags, which also includes day/night, land, ice, twilight, and glint flags), NCEP wind speed and ACSPO SST minus reference (Canadian Met Centre 0.1deg L4 SST; available at ). All valid SSTs in L3C are recommended for users, although data over internal waters may not have enough in situ data to be adequately validated. Per GDS2 specifications, two additional Sensor-Specific Error Statistics layers (bias and standard deviation) are reported in each pixel with valid SST (Petrenko et al., 2016). The ACSPO VIIRS L3U product is monitored and validated against iQuam in situ data (Xu and Ignatov, 2014) in SQUAM (Dash et al, 2010).

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