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TOPEX/Poseidon L2 Ocean Surface Topography Merged Geophysical Data Record Crossover ver B

This dataset contains the crossover points from TOPEX(ocean TOPography EXperiment)/Poseidon Merged Geophysical Data Record version B (MGDR-B). The MGDR-B combines measurements from two altimeters, TOPEX, a NASA dual frequency (Ku and C band) instrument, and a French (CNES) instrument which is a proof-of-concept solid-state altimeter, Poseidon (Ku band). The parameters are slightly different than the regular pass data in the MGDR-B, but does contain significant wave height, sigma-0, wet troposphere, ionospheric correction, tides and the parameters required to calculate Sea Surface Height Anomaly (SSHA). For more information on the parameters please visit PO.DAAC Drive at

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