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This dataset contains the spherical harmonic coefficients C(1,0), C(1,1), S(1,1) vs time. The degree 1 gravity coefficients were derived based on ocean and atmospheric models and GRACE coefficients for degrees 2 and higher (Swenson et al. 2008, Sun et al., 2016). The coefficients in this dataset represent the non-atmospheric land component of the degree 1 gravity coefficients, normalized using the GRACE and GRACE-FO standards. For land applications use, apply these coefficients with the GRACE / GRACE-FO GSM coefficients for degrees 2 and higher.. For ocean applications, add the degree 1 values found in the ocean bottom pressure dataset (GAD) to the degree 1 coefficients provided here. If you are interested in adding the full ocean, land and atmosphere coefficients, add the degree 1 values of the atmosphere/ocean dataset (GAC) to these values. Data format is similar to that for GSM, GAD and GAC files distributed by PO.DAAC. For more information, please visit:

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