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SeaWinds on ADEOS-II L3 Ocean Wind Vectors w/AMSR corrections (JPL)

This dataset is designed to compliment the SeaWinds on ADEOS-II Level 3 ocean surface wind vector dataset through the inclusion of AMSR corrections and precipitation rates. Data is provided daily and partitioned according to ascending and descending passes; where multiple passes occur over a given point, data from the most recent pass over-writes the earlier (adjacent) pass. Wind vectors are accurate to within 2 m/s (vector speed) and 20 degrees (vector direction). Rain flags are provided for each wind vector cell to assist in identifying potential rain contamination. This product utilizes JPL's most up-to-date calibration, validation, and science data processing from the QSCAT-1/F13 geophysical model function, adopted in July of 2006.

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