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OMG Glacial Elevations from GLISTIN-A Ver. 1

This dataset contains 50m horizontal resolution gridded digital elevation models (DEMs) of Greenland Ice Sheet outlet glaciers collected during the NASA Oceans Melting Greenland mission. Between 2016 and 2019 the GLacier and Land Ice Surface Topography Interferometer airborne (GLISTIN-A) radar measured surface elevations around the periphery of the Greenland Ice Sheet using Ka-Band (8.4 mm wavelength) single-pass interferometry. Level 2 (L2) GLISTIN-A elevation data, available on the JPL UAVSAR website (, were collected each year in 81 swaths of varying lengths and 10-12km widths and then mapped to 3m horizontal grids. This Level 3 (L3) dataset was created to facilitate analysis of the year-to-year glacier surface elevation changes. Improvements over the L2 dataset include: a consistent swath numbering scheme (1 to 81) corresponding to repeated flight lines; common regular equal-area grids for each swath; filtering and flagging of outliers; an ancillary geoid layer; and UTM map projections corresponding to swath location. The interested user may generate their own L3 DEMs at different horizontal resolutions and projections using the Python 3 resample_GLISTIN_DEMs package available which will be available from

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