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OMPS-NPP L2 NM Cloud Pressure and Fraction swath orbital V2 (OMPS_NPP_NMCLDRR_L2) at GES DISC

The OMPS-NPP L2 NM Cloud Pressure and Fraction swath orbital product provides effective cloud fraction and effective cloud pressure retrievals from the Ozone Mapping and Profiling Suite (OMPS) Nadir-Mapper (NM) instrument on the Suomi-NPP satellite. The cloud pressure algorithm retrieves effective cloud pressus, a.k.a optical centroid pressure (OCP) and effective cloud fraction (ECF) using a concept of Mixed Lambert Equivalent Reflectivity (MLER) at 354.1 nm. Each granule contains data from the daylight portion of each orbit measured for a full day. Spatial coverage is global (-90 to 90 degrees latitude), and there are about 14.5 orbits per day each measuring three limb profiles spaced approximately 250 km in the cross-track direction. The profiles are measured from the ground up to about 80 km with a vertical resolution of the retrieved profiles of approximately 1.8 km. The files are written using the Hierarchical Data Format Version 5 or HDF5.

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