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GEOS-Carb CASA-GFED Daily Fire and Fuel Emissions 0.5 degree x 0.5 degree V2 (GEOS_CASAGFED_D_FIRE) at GES DISC

This product provides Daily average wildfire emissions (FIRE) and fuel wood burning emissions (FUEL) derived from the Carnegie-Ames-Stanford-Approach – Global Fire Emissions Database version 3 (CASA- GFED3) model. The NASA Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) is designed to make significant contributions in characterizing, quantifying, understanding, and predicting the evolution of global carbon sources and sinks through improved monitoring of carbon stocks and fluxes. The System will use the full range of NASA satellite observations and modeling/analysis capabilities to establish the accuracy, quantitative uncertainties, and utility of products for supporting national and international policy, regulatory, and management activities. CMS will maintain a global emphasis while providing finer scale regional information, utilizing space-based and surface-based data and will rapidly initiate generation and distribution of products both for user evaluation and to inform near-term policy development and planning.

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