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Disturbance History and Forest Biomass from Landsat for Six US Sites, 1985-2014

This dataset provides derived disturbance history and predicted annual forest biomass maps at 30-m resolution for six selected Landsat scenes across the Conterminous United States (CONUS) for the period 1985-2014. The focus sites are in the following states: Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. These scenes were selected to represent a wide range of forest ecosystems, which ensured that a diversity of forest type groups and forest change processes (e.g., harvest, fire, insects, and urbanization) were included. Disturbance history was derived from a Landsat time-series for each site. Each disturbance is represented by year of detection, duration, and magnitude. The cause of the disturbance was not identified. Forest biomass was measured at field plots within each of the six sites and combined with airborne LiDAR data from each site to create land validation maps. Site biomass at 30-m resolution was estimated by developing Random Forest models that include site disturbance history with the land validation maps.

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