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JPL TELLUS GRACE Level-3 Monthly Land Water-Equivalent-Thickness Surface Mass Anomaly Release 6.0 version 03 in netCDF/ASCII/GeoTIFF Formats

The JPL monthly land mass grids contain land water mass anomaly given as equivalent water thickness derived from GRACE time-variable gravity observations during the specified timespan in ASCII/netCDF/GeoTIFF formats. The Equivalent water thickness represents the total terrestrial water storage anomalies from soil moisture, snow, surface water (incl. rivers, lakes, reservoirs etc.), as well as groundwater and aquifers. The time coverage for the monthly grids are determined by GRACE months ( ). A glacial isostatic adjustment correction has been applied, and standard corrections for geocenter (degree-1) and C20 (degree-20) are incorporated. Post-processing filters have been applied to reduce correlated errors. From the RL06 version, all GRACE products in the ASCII format have adopted the YAML encoding header, which is in compliance with the PO.DAAC metadata best practice.

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