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Export and Leaching of Carbon and Nitrogen from Mississippi River Basin, 1901-2099

This dataset provides estimates for export and leaching of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), total organic carbon (TOC), particulate organic carbon (POC), ammonium (NH4+), nitrate (NO3-), and total organic nitrogen (TON) from the Mississippi River Basin (MRB) to the Gulf of Mexico. The estimates are provided for a historical period of 1901-2014, and a future period of 2010-2099 (carbon estimates only) under two scenarios of high and low levels of population growth, economy, and energy consumption, respectively. The estimates are from the Dynamic Land Ecosystem Model 2.0 (DLEM 2.0). These data are applicable to studying how changes in multiple environmental factors (e.g., fertilizer application, land-use changes, climate variability, atmospheric CO2, and N deposition) affect the dynamics of leaching and export to the Gulf of Mexico.

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