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JPL TELLUS GRACE-FO Level-3 Monthly Land Water-Equivalent-Thickness Surface-Mass Anomaly Release 6.0 in netCDF/ASCII/GeoTIFF Formats

The GFZ monthly land mass grids contain land water mass anomaly given as equivalent water thickness derived from GRACE time-variable gravity observations during the specified timespan in ASCII/netCDF/GeoTIFF formats. The Equivalent water thickness represents the total terrestrial water storage anomalies from soil moisture, snow, surface water (incl. rivers, lakes, reservoirs etc.), as well as groundwater and aquifers. A glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) correction has been applied, and standard corrections for geocenter (degree-1) and C20 (degree-20) are incorporated. Post-processing filters have been applied to reduce correlated errors. From the RL06 version, all GRACE-FO products in the ASCII format have adopted the YAML encoding header, which is in full compliance with the PO.DAAC metadata best practices.

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