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SeaWinds on QuikSCAT Arctic Sea Ice Age Classification (BYU/SCP)

This SeaWinds on QuikSCAT scatterometer-derived Arctic sea ice classification dataset is provided as a service to the ocean and sea ice research communities on behalf of Dr. David Long at Brigham Young University (BYU) and the Scatterometer Climate Record Pathfinder (SCP). This dataset provides nominal 4.45 km (pixel resolution at reference latitude 70 N) gridded fields that classify First-Year (FY) and Multi-Year (MY) sea ice using SeaWinds on QuikSCAT scatterometer observations on a daily basis from 20 June 2002 through 23 November 2009. It is unique from other sea ice classification datasets primarily due to its utilization of passive microwave AMSR-E data to provide the initial ocean/ice masking edge and the use of a seasonal threshold for FY and MY sea ice classification from only SeaWinds data.The dataset is derived from daily gridded QuikSCAT vertically polarized (V-pol) egg backscatter data from the SCP, which is made available at the PO.DAAC: . A seasonally varying threshold was derived by Swan and Long (2012) and used to discriminate between FY and MY sea ice based on QuikSCAT V-pol egg backscatter. The sea ice mask was derived by applying threshold constraints to the SCP AMSR-E 6 GHz images, which are made available by the BYU SCP: . The data is provided in a CF-compliant, netCDF version 3 format. Further details on the algorithms and validation are described in further detail by Swan and Long (2012). The dataset, software readers and user guide documentation may all be accessed in PO.DAAC Drive at . For more information on the QuikSCAT platform and mission, please visit .

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