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CALIPSO Lidar Level 3 GEWEX Cloud, Standard V1-00

CAL_LID_L3_GEWEX_Cloud-Standard-V1-00_V1-00 is the CALIPSO Lidar level 3 (L3) Global Energy and Water cycle Experiment (GEWEX) Cloud product. It is a reformatted version of CALIPSO’s contribution to the GEWEX cloud assessment of global cloud datasets from satellites. The data submitted by the CALIPSO team this project had to conform to a very specific format; yearly netCDF files organized by parameter. In order to be compatible with other publicly orderable lidar L3 CALIPSO aerosol and cloud products, which are reported as monthly HDF files, this new lidar L3 CALIPSO GEWEX cloud product was created. These files report global distributions of cloud amount and cloud top as averages and histograms on a uniform 2-dimentional (2D) spatial grid. All level 3 parameters are derived from the CALIPSO version 4.x level 2 5 km cloud merged layer products, with a temporal averaging of one month.

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