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NCA-LDAS Noah-3.3 Land Surface Model L4 Trends 0.125 x 0.125 degree V2.0 (NCALDAS_NOAH0125_Trends) at GES DISC

The National Climate Assessment - Land Data Assimilation System, or NCA-LDAS, is a terrestrial water reanalysis in support of the United States Global Change Research Program's NCA activities. NCA-LDAS features high resolution, gridded, daily time series data products of terrestrial water and energy balance stores, states, and fluxes over the continental U.S., derived from land surface hydrologic modeling with multivariate assimilation of satellite Environmental Data Records (EDRs). The overall goal is to provide the highest quality terrestrial hydrology products that enable improved scientific understanding, adaptation, and management of water and related energy resources during a changing climate. This dataset consists of a suite of historical trends in terrestrial hydrology over the conterminous United States estimated for the water years of 1980-2015 using the NCA-LDAS daily reanalysis. NCA-LDAS provides gridded daily outputs from the uncoupled Noah version 3.3 land surface model (LSM) at 1/8th degree resolution forced with NLDAS-2 meteorology (Xia et al., 2012), rescaled Climate Prediction Center precipitation, and assimilated satellite-based soil moisture, snow depth, and irrigation products (Jasinski et al., 2019; Kumar et al., 2019). Trends in annual hydrologic indicators are reported using the nonparametric Mann-Kendall test at p < 0.1 significance. An additional precipitation trend field (annual total), with no significance test applied, is included for comparison purposes. Collectively, these fields represent the bulk of the results presented in Jasinski et al. (2019).

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