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SNPP VIIRS+CrIS Fusion 6-Min L2 Swath 750m

The VIIRS-CrIS Data Fusion Level-2 Product is designed to facilitate improved continuity in derived cloud and moisture products realized with HIRS and MODIS and to continue other applications that require IR absorption spectral bands. Based on data fusion with VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) and CrIS (Cross-track Infrared Sounder), infrared (IR) absorption band radiances for VIIRS are constructed at 750m spatial resolution (i.e., M-band resolution). These spectral bands are similar to the MODIS spectral bands. The fusion radiances, and look-up tables required to compute the related brightness temperatures, are stored in compressed NetCDF4 files of 6-minutes duration. The L2 VIIRS+CRiS Fusion product has a horizontal pixel size of 750m, which is the native VIIRS moderate-resolution (M) band pixel-size. Consult the VIIRS+CRiS Fusion product User Guide for additional information regarding this product’s algorithm, file format, global and data-field attributes, quality control flags, etc.

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