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Annual Burned Area from Landsat, Mawas, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, 1997-2015

This dataset provides maps of annual burned area for the part of Mawas conservation program in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia from 1997 through 2015. Landsat imagery (TM, ETM+, OLI/TIR) at 30 m resolution was obtained for this 19-year period, including the variables surface reflectance, brightness temperature, and pixel quality assurance, plus the indices NDVI, NDMI, NBR, NBR2, SAVI, and MSAVI. The MODIS active fire product (MCD14) was used to define when fires occurred. Random Forest classifications were used to separate burned and unburned 30-m pixels with inputs of composites of Landsat indices and thermal bands, based on the pre- and post-fire values.

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