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Sounder SIPS: Suomi NPP CrIMSS Level 3 Comprehensive Quality Control Gridded Monthly CLIMCAPS Normal Spectral Resolution V1

The objective of this limited edition data collection is to examine products generated by the CLIMCAPS (Community Long-term Infrared Microwave Coupled Product System) algorithm to analyze Cross-track Infrared Sounder/Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (CrIS/ATMS) instruments, also known as CrIMSS (Cross-track Infrared and Microwave Sounding Suite). The CrIS/ATMS instruments used for this product are on board the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (SNPP) platform and use the Normal Spectral Resolution (NSR) data. The CrIS instrument is a Fourier transform spectrometer with a total of 1305 NSR infrared sounding channels covering the longwave (655-1095 cm-1), midwave (1210-1750 cm-1), and shortwave (2155-2550 cm-1) spectral regions. The ATMS instrument is a cross-track scanner with 22 channels in spectral bands from 23 GHz through 183 GHz. The CLIMCAPS algorithm is based on the NUCAPS (NOAA Unique CrIS/ATMS Processing System) Optimal Estimation methodology and uses an a-prior first guess to start the process. A CLIMCAPS sounding is comprised of a set of parameters that characterizes the full atmospheric state and includes a variety of geophysical parameters derived from the CrIMSS data.  These include surface temperature and infrared emissivity; full atmosphere profiles of temperature, water vapor and ozone; infrared effective cloud top characteristics; carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and nitric acid. The monthly one degree latitude by one degree longitude level-3 product starts with level-2 retrieval products applying the comprehensive quality control (QC) methodology to form a level-2 daily gridded product. The daily level-3 gridded products are averaged to create the monthly average. Comprehensive QC accepts a retrieval if the profile is good to the surface and ensures consistent analysis across all levels and variables. The CLIMCAPS system was designed to serve as a seamless follow on to the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder/Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AIRS/AMSU) instrument processing system. For comparison, the AIRS/AMSU data collection with the TqJ suffix (TqJoint) from AIRX3STM contains similar meteorological information to this CLIMCAPS data collection and the CHART (Climate Heritage AIRS Retrieval Technique ) data collection SNDRSNIML3CMCHTN contains CRIMSS data processed with an analogous algorithm.

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