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SAMS/Nimbus-7 Level 1 Radiance Data V001 (SAMSN7L1RAT) at GES DISC

SAMSN7L1RAT is the gridded Nimbus-7 Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder (SAMS) Level 1 Radiance Data Product. The radiances were selected to derive gas concentrations at the wavelength bands 15 (CO2), 25-100 (H2O) 4-5 (CO and NO), and 7.7 (N2O and CH4) microns in the stratosphere and mesosphere, with a vertical resolution of 10 km. The instrument scanned the vertical from about 15 km to 140 km. The data were recovered from the original magnetic tapes, and are now stored online as orbit files in their original proprietary binary format each with about 14 orbits per day. The data for this product are available from 26 October 1978 through June 9 1983. The principal investigators for the SAMS experiment were Prof. John T. Houghton and Dr. Fredric W. Taylor from Oxford University. This product was subsequently used to create the SAMS/Nimbus-7 Level 1 Radiance Data from CD-ROM product (SAMSN7L1RAD_CDROM), a set of 53 CD-ROMs.

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