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OLCI/SENTINEL-3B L1 Full Resolution Top of Atmosphere Reflectance

The Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI) on board European Earth Observation satellite mission, SENTINEL-3, is a push-broom imaging spectrometer that measures solar radiation reflected by the Earth at a ground spatial resolution of around 300m, over all surfaces, in 21 spectral bands. OLCI is based on the imaging design of ENVISAT's Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS). It has a 1270km wide swath. For more information about the instrument and the mission, visit "Sentinel Online" at The OLCI/SENTINEL-3B L1 Full resolution top of atmosphere reflectance (S3B_OL_1_EFR) product is Level 1 full resolution (i.e. at native instrument spatial resolution - ~300m) Top of the Atmosphere Reflectance product. This is composed of an information package map, called a manifest, 22 measurement data files, and seven annotation data files. The 21 measurement data files (one for each band) Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) radiances, calibrated to geophysical units (W.m-2. sr-1 Micro meter-1), georeferenced onto the Earth's surface, spatially resampled onto an evenly spaced grid. Seven annotation files information on illumination and observation geometry, environment data (meteorological data) and quality and classification flags. Both measurement data files and annotation data files are written in netCDF 4 format. The manifest file is in XML format and contains metadata associated with the instrument and the processing. The S3B_OL_1_EFR is generated in Earth Observation (EO) processing mode and all parameters in this product are provided for each re-gridded pixel on the product image and for each removed pixel. The OL_1_EFR product package is described below: Element name Description xfdumanifest.xml SENTINEL-SAFE product manifest Radiance for OLCI acquisition bands 01 to 21 Removed pixels information needed for Level-1C generation Time stamp annotations High resolution georeferencing data Classification and quality flags Low resolution georeferencing data Sun and view angles ECMWF meteorology data Instrument data note: Oa## represents all the OLCI channels (Oa1 to Oa21). For more information about the product, read the SENTINEL-3 OLCI User Guide at

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