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SLSTR/SENTINEL-3B L1 Full Resolution Top of Atmosphere Brightness, Temperatures, and Radiances

The Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR), on-board SENTINEL-3, is a dual scan temperature radiometer. The principal aim of the SLSTR instrument is to maintain continuity with the (A)ATSR series of instruments. The SLSTR instrument design incorporates the basic functionality of AATSR, with the addition of some new, more advanced, features. These include a wider swath, new channels (including two channels dedicated to fire detection), and higher resolution in some channels. The principal objective of SLSTR products is to provide global and regional Sea and Land Surface Temperature (SST, LST) to a very high level of accuracy (better than 0.3 K) for both climatological and meteorological applications. For more information about the instrument and the mission, visit "Sentinel Online" at The S3B_SL_1_RBT is Level 1B product which consist of full resolution, geolocated, co-located nadir and along track view, Top of Atmosphere (TOA) brightness temperatures (in the case of thermal IR channels) or radiances (in the case of visible, NIR and SWIR channels) from all SLSTR channels. It also contains quality flags, pixel classification information and meteorological annotations. Based on components activated by configuration which are not part of the operational production baseline, the S3B_SL_1_RBT may contain 77 or 111 files. Out of these files 22 or 34 files containing the actual measurements whereas the other 54 or 76 contain the annotations data. For more information about the product, read the SENTINEL-3 SLSTR User Guide at

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