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SIRS/Nimbus-3 Level 1 Radiance Data V001 (SIRSN3L1) at GES DISC

SIRSN3L1 is the Nimbus-3 Satellite Infrared Spectrometer (SIRS) Level 1 Radiance Data product. SIRS measured infrared radiation (11 to 36 micrometers) emitted from the earth and its atmosphere in 13 selected spectral intervals in the carbon dioxide and water vapor bands plus one channel in the 11-micrometer atmospheric window. The radiances were used to determine the vertical temperature and water vapor profiles of the atmosphere. The data were recovered from the original 6250 tapes, and are now stored online as daily files in their original proprietary binary format each with about 14 orbits per day. The Nimbus-3 SIRS only viewed the nadir of the subsatellite track. Spatial coverage is near global from about latitude -80 to +80 degrees. The data are available from 08 April 1970 (day of year 98) to 08 April 1971. The principal investigator for the SIRS experiment was Dr. David Q. Wark from the NOAA National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service. This product was previously available from the NSSDC with the identifier ESAD-00130 (old ID 70-025A-04A).

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