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MODIS/Terra Thermal Anomalies/Fire 5-Min L2 Swath 1km V061

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Thermal Anomalies and Fire MOD14 Version 6.1 product is produced daily in 5-minute temporal satellite increments (swaths). The MOD14 product is used to generate all of the higher level fire products, but can also be used to identify fires and other thermal anomalies, such as volcanoes. Each swath of data is approximately 2,030 kilometers along track (long), and 2,300 kilometers across track (wide). Validation at stage 3 ( has been achieved for all MODIS Thermal Anomalies and Fire products. Further details regarding MODIS land product validation for the MOD14 data product is available from the MODIS land team validation site ( Improvements/Changes from Previous Versions * The Version 6.1 Level-1B (L1B) products have been improved by undergoing various calibration changes that include: changes to the response-versus-scan angle (RVS) approach that affects reflectance bands for Aqua and Terra MODIS, corrections to adjust for the optical crosstalk in Terra MODIS infrared (IR) bands, and corrections to the Terra MODIS forward look-up table (LUT) update for the period 2012 - 2017. * A polarization correction has been applied to the L1B Reflective Solar Bands (RSB).

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