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SMAP Radiometer Twice-Daily rSIR-Enhanced EASE-Grid 2.0 Brightness Temperatures V001

This data set contains twice-daily, enhanced-resolution brightness temperature data derived from the SMAP radiometer. Data are available on the Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Temperate, and Mid-Latitude (sub-set of Global) EASE-Grid 2.0 projections and on the 25 km, 3.125 km, 36 km, 09 km, and 03 km resolution grids. This data set applies the same SIR technique used to derive brightness temperatures from the SMMR, AMSR-E, and SSM/I-SSMIS sensors and is a companion product for the MEaSUREs Calibrated Enhanced-Resolution Passive Microwave Daily EASE-Grid 2.0 Brightness Temperature ESDR data set (DOI: 10.5067/MEASURES/CRYOSPHERE/NSIDC-0630.001).

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