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Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Release 3.0 QC Longwave monthly data in netcdf format

The data set contains monthly average global fields of three longwave (LW) surface radiative parameters and three input meteorological parameters derived within the Quality-Check LW (QCLW) algorithm of the NASA World Climate Research Programme/Global Energy and Water-Cycle Experiment (WCRP/GEWEX) Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Project.There are a total of six parameters in these files as follows: 1. Surface Downward Longwave Flux (DLF), 2. Surface Net Longwave Flux (NLF) 3. Surface Clear Sky Downward Longwave Flux (CSDLF), 4. Surface Skin Temperature (TSKIN), 5. Total Column Precipitable Water (PW), and 6. Total Cloud Fraction (CLD). These parameters are derived originally on a 3-hourly temporal resolution. The 3-hourly values are first averaged into daily values, which are then averaged into monthly values given in these files. The current version of the data sets is identified as Release 3.0. It covers a period of 24.5 years from July 1983 to December 2007.

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