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CAR Safari BRDF Measurements L1 V2 (CAR_SAFARI_BRDF) at GES DISC

The Southern African Regional Science Initiative (SAFARI) 2000 is an international science field campaign aimed at developing a better understanding of the southern Africa earth-atmosphere-human system. The goal of SAFARI 2000 is to identify and understand the relationship between the physical, chemical, biological, and anthropogenic processes that underlie the biogeophysical and biogeochemical systems of southern Africa. Particular emphasis will be placed upon biogenic, pyrogenic, and anthropogenic emissions - their characterization and quantification, their transport and transformations in the atmosphere, their influence on regional climate and meteorology, their eventual deposition, and the effects of this deposition on ecosystems. This data set consists of observations made with the CAR instrument and includes values for bidirectional reflectance factor at varying spectral bands.

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