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CAR FIREACE Arctic Ice and Cloud Radiation BRDF V2 (CAR_FIREACE_BRDF) at GES DISC

The scientific objectives of FIRE/ACE are to study impact of Arctic clouds on radiation exchange between surface, atmosphere, and space, and the influence of surface characteristics of sea ice, leads, and ice melt ponds on these clouds. FIRE/ACE will attempt to document, understand, and predict the Arctic cloud-radiation feedbacks, including changes in cloud fraction and vertical distribution, water vapor cloud content, cloud particle concentration and size, and cloud phase as atmospheric temperature and chemical composition change. FIRE/ACE uses the data to focus on improving current climate model simulations of the Arctic climate, especially with respect to clouds and their effects on the surface energy budget. In addition, FIRE/ACE addresses a number of scientific questions dealing with radiation, cloud microphysics, and atmospheric chemistry. This data set consists of observations made with the CAR instrument and includes values for bidirectional reflectance factor at varying spectral bands.

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