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CAR ARMCAS Arctic Cloud BRDF Measurements V2 (CAR_ARMCAS_BRDF) at GES DISC

The Arctic Radiation Measurement in Column Atmosphere-surface System (ARMCAS) was a collaborative research effort between the Cloud and Aerosol Research (CAR) Group, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington (led by Professor Peter V. Hobbs) and Drs. Michael King and Si-Chee Tsay of NASA/Goddard. The field portion of ARMCAS was based out of Deadhorse, Alaska, from June 3-15, 1995. Flights of the University of Washington's Convair C-131A research aircraft and NASA's ER-2 aircraft took place over the tundra of the North Slope and over the partially ice-covered Beaufort Sea. Several of these flights were closely coordinated in order to provide simultaneous in situ and remote sensing measurements of arctic clouds. This data set consists of observations made with the CAR instrument and includes values for bidirectional reflectance factor at varying spectral bands.

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