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SMMR/Nimbus-7 Color Images V001 (SMMRN7IM) at GES DISC

SMMRN7IM is the Nimbus-7 Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (SMMR) Color Image data product scanned from 17" x 15" color prints and saved as JPEG-2000 files. Sea surface temperature, sea surface winds, total atmospheric water vapor over oceans, total atmospheric liquid water over oceans, including brightness temperature parameters are available as both 6-day composites and 1-month averages between 64 south and north latitudes in Mercator projection. Sea ice fraction, sea ice and ocean surface temperature, sea ice concentration, including brightness temperature parameters are available as both 3-day and 1-month averages in north and south polar stereographic projections. Images may contain between one and three measured parameters. These SMMR images are available from 30 October 1978 through 2 November 1983. The principal investigator for the SMMR experiment was Dr. Per Gloersen from NASA GSFC. These products were previously available from the NSSDC under the ids ESAD-00007, ESAD-00056, ESAD-00123, ESAD-00124, ESAD-00162, ESAD-00172, ESAD-00173, ESAD-00176 ESAD-00177, ESAD-00178, and ESAD-00241 (old ids 78-098A-08I-S).

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