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Global Mangrove Distribution, Aboveground Biomass, and Canopy Height

This dataset characterizes the global distribution, biomass, and canopy height of mangrove-forested wetlands based on remotely sensed and in situ field measurement data. Estimates of (1) mangrove aboveground biomass (AGB), (2) maximum canopy height (height of the tallest tree), and (3) basal-area weighted height (individual tree heights weighted in proportion to their basal area) for the nominal year 2000 were derived across a 30-meter resolution global mangrove ecotype extent map using remotely-sensed canopy height measurements and region-specific allometric models. Also provided are (4) in situ field measurement data for selected sites across a wide variety of forest structures (e.g., scrub, fringe, riverine and basin) in mangrove ecotypes of the global equatorial region. Within designated plots, selected trees were identified to species and diameter at breast height (DBH) and tree height was measured using a laser rangefinder or clinometer. Tree density (the number of stems) can be estimated for each plot and expressed per unit area. These data were used to derive plot-level allometry among AGB, basal area weighted height (Hba), and maximum canopy height (Hmax) and to validate the remotely sensed estimates.

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